How to Record Audio from Browser

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Download Web Audio Recorder [Windows Vista/7/10]

To be honest, the audio recorder software is most often used to record audio from browser. Of course, if you have to download the audio file from a site, it will provide the best the quality. But what if there is no direct link, but the sound is played through the embedded player? Usually there are specialized programs for different audio and video online services. They take into account the particular service and support only one audio transmission protocol. Such programs are available for YouTube, BBC Radio, AOL Radio, NPR. Is it necessary to use a separate program for each service? Of course not! Web Audio Recorder is not restricted to specific site and records audio from your browser. No matter what format the audio is transmitted - you'll record what you hear.

What browsers are supported by the recorder? Almost anything - Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, FireFox. If your browser supports Flash, then you can record sound from any flash player. The latest browsers with HTML5 support allow the use of new AUDIO and VIDEO tags to embed clips into web page. Is it possible that the recorder has no disadvantages?Of course there are, just like any other software. Browser sound recorder only records what you hear, so do not get to record several audio tracks simultaneously. Because different sites use different formats and protocols there is no universal way to store information such as ID3 tags, album art. Of course you can enter this information manually after recording through the built-in tag editor.

Two automatic recording modes allow you to record audio, even if you are not at home. Sound Activated Recording will start recording only if the sound level exceeds the threshold value. Scheduler will set the recording date and time, start the browser and open the page with the specified address. After finishing recording, the recorder will automatically close your browser.

Recorder is very easy to use - you can start recording immediately after installation.

  • Step 1: Download and install Web Audio Recorder.
  • Step 2: Open recorder Settings and select the Output Folder for your recordings.
  • Step 3: Select one of embedded encoders: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG or WAV and customize encoding options.
  • Step 4: By default, recorder will record audio from browser, but you can change recording source to Microphone or Line-In any time.
  • Step 5: Activate any automation options by your choice: VOX, AGC, Scheduler, Splitter
  • Step 6: Open any web site in your browser and start recording.

Of course, you can skip 2-5 steps and start recording with default settings.

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