How to record audio from sound card

Sound recording software work with your sound card and recording capabilities depends from audio drivers. With the advent of full-duplex sound card you have the opportunity to record audio directly from your sound card. Initially, this could be achieved only by connecting the output to the input of the soundcard with a stereo cable. This method worked with any sound card, but had two significant drawbacks: the sound quality worsened after conversion digital-analog and you could not hear the sound during recording.

Manufacturers of sound cards offered the most convenient method of solving this problem - "Stereo Mix". All of the sounds going through your sound card mixed in a digital form and to be writable. Very soon, this feature has been blocked under pressure from RIAA.

To circumvent the limitations of standard sound card developers have to install a virtual sound card that can capture sound. Unfortunately, most of the virtual cards are very unstable and produce serious problems for third-party software. Other developers have used the experience of computer viruses to hook system audio functions. These programs have limited compatibility with different versions of Windows and can cause BSOD.

Fortunately, Windows Vista has a new way of working with sound, which completely replaces the "Stereo Mix". The Speakers" device allows you to record everything that is played through them. Our newest sound card recorder uses this feature and allows you to record everything you hear on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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