How to record AOL radio

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Download AOL Radio Recorder

AOL Radio Recorder

AOL is a world-famous website which offers music channels, news content from ABC and sports content from ESPN. AOL Radio claims over 200 online streaming stations with music covering just about all tastes. The content is free, though the stations carry advertising and the player offers up banner advertising. You can listen to the AOL radio stations without logging in or downloading anything except for a small 500k browser plug in (yes, it runs on Firefox) which automatically installs the first time you visit the AOL Radio site. The new AOL Radio powered by Slacker features 50% less audio commercials, improved stability and new features.

Tired of purchasing music and looking for best way to record music from AOL? Why not have a try on Streaming Audio Recorder? It's a is brand new application that record AOL radio music in real time and save as MP3, WMA, WAV, which are compatible with your iPod, Zune, Android phones and tablets. This tutorial will guide you on how to record and convert AOL radio to MP3 audio.

In order to record AOL radio, you need Streaming Audio Recorder that support almost all internet radio stations.

After the installation of audio recorder, you can now make some adjustments to the setting. After that, you should find and play the AOL radio channel that you want to record.

Once you've launched the recorder, you should then click the "Record" button to run the recording progress. When recording is completed, you can open recording browser and add ID3 tags, rename audio file or even send to to your friends via email.

Following the steps listed above will surely help you to have a smooth and successful recording of your favorite shows from AOL Radio, Sirius Radio and many others.

It is highly recommended to to turn of system sounds, close any instant messengers, e-mail clients or any programs that can produce sound that you don't want to record.

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