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Download Simfy Music Recorder

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Simfy is a Germany's largest music streaming platform. It was started ad a student project with the vision to make it as easy as possible to listen to music. In the meantime, the student project has become a dynamic and rapidly expanding enterprise. With Simfy you can listen to music anytime and anywhere. Millions of songs are just a touch ahead. Discover new music, save playlists and set the music you love as favorites. It is available as a website and also has clients for the iPhone and Android, which can play streaming music or cache songs for offline playback.

You can discover the world of over 16 million songs by using the numerous features of Simfy Free. If you wish to download songs to your PC then you need a Premium account. Want to save 10 euro? Use Streaming Audio Recorder to record songs from Simfy for free.

Today we'll show you a simple way to record Simfy tracks, so you will be able to save any Simfy songs you like and enjoy them offline.

  • Step 1: Download and install Simfy Songs Recorder.
  • Step 2: Launch your browser and navigate to website. Play the song you want to record from Simfy.
  • Step 3: Click the "Start Recording" button to start to recording Simfy music.
  • Step 4: Once recording finished click the "Records list" to browse the recorded Simfy songs.

Streaming Audio Recorder is an excellent tool. Not only support recording, but also support recording music from any other music sites like Pandora, Imeem, Grooveshark, Napster, MySpace...

It is highly recommended to to turn of system sounds, close any instant messengers, e-mail clients or any programs that can produce sound that you don't want to record.

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