30 Sep 2022 Quick Batch File Compiler has been released

1. Added the ability to use folders in embedded files.

2. Fixed a bug with path corruption in the FOR command.

3. UI improvements.

16 Sep 2022 New Product - HEIC Converter Plus

Convert your HEIC live photos to the popular JPG format for uploading them to the web.

14 Sep 2022 SiteInFile Compiler has been released

1. Small service update, not introducing new functionality.

2. Correction of minor bugs and UI elements, installer update.

09 Sep 2022 BPM Counter has been released

1. Tempo detection algorithm has been redesigned, we look forward to your feedback.

2. Updated user interface, vector icons for high DPI displays.

3. Updated engine for editing metadata in audio files.

4. Updated installer.

08 Sep 2022 Free Video to MP3 Converter has been released

1. Improved user interface.

2. Video rendering engine has been updated.

3. Minor bug fixes.

02 Sep 2022 Video Converter Plus has been released

1. Updated video rendering engine.

2. Updated user interface controls.

3. Added a new licensing scheme.

26 Aug 2022 Streaming Audio Recorder has been released

1. Updated code base, refactoring of all components.

2. Updated audio encoders and tag editing module.

3. Minor fixes and improvements in the UI.

4. Added cheap annual subscription.

24 Aug 2022 New Product - Video Converter Plus

Today we have released a new product - Video Converter Plus. It focuses on modern high resolution formats h.265, h.264 and av1.

The only trial limitation is the watermark in the upper left corner, so you can evaluate the speed and quality of processing on the whole file.

This is our first product using the annual subscription model, as video and audio codecs are constantly evolving, requiring regular updates.

18 Aug 2022 ID3 Tag Editor has been released.

1. Fixed incorrect positions of controls on the main window.

2. Audio fingerprint library has been updated.

3. Audio decoding libraries have been updated.

4. ID3 tag editing library has been updated.

5. SSL protocol libraries updated.

6. Updated installer.

15 Aug 2022 FLV to MP3 Converter has been released

1. Video conversion engine has been updated.

2. Rendering engine has been updated.

3. Numerous improvements and fixes to the built-in player.

4. Added a check for updates at program startup.