26 Jul 2021 MSI to EXE Compiler has been released

1. Added zip-compatible compression.

2. Fixed user interface rendering on older versions of Windows.

3. Fixed an issue with the use of a code signing certificate.

12 Jul 2021 ID3 Tag Editor has been released.

1. The new music recognition engine is twice as fast.

2. Added SSL support for handling web requests.

3. Added darg'n'drop support.

4. Improved accessibility for people who are blind or low vision.

5. The audio decoders used for music recognition have been updated.

6. Faster scanning of folders for supported audio files.

09 Jul 2021 MIDIRenderer has been released

1. Improved GUI accessibility for people with disabilities.

2. Recompiled separate modules to fix compatibility with older versions of Windows.

3. Improved error handling in Vorbis codec.

4. Rollback the APE codec to previous version, as the new version has compatibility issues.

5. The built-in synthesizer has been updated.

04 Jul 2021 iPhone Ringtone Creator has been released

1. Updated FLAC and ALAC decoders.

2. Updated AAC encoder.

3. Fixed Windows Vista compatibility issue.

17 Jun 2021 i-Sound has been released

1. FLAC encoder has been updated, added 192kHz sampling rate.

2. Fixed indication of recording time in VOX mode.

3. Fixed possible resource leakage when stopping recording in VOX mode.

4. Digital signal processing and audio tag editing modules have been updated.

5. More detailed information about errors that occur during recording.

14 Jun 2021 MCRS has been released

1. New dialog for selecting a codec for the WAV format.

2. Settings are now saved immediately, not when you close the program.

3. Updated MP3 encoder.

4. Small internal optimizations and bug fixes.

07 Jun 2021 WaveCut Audio Editor has been released

1. Added Splitter.

2. Added ability to remember compression settings during a session.

3. Fixed clipping issue for WAV encoder.

4. Fixed sample loss in OGG encoder at the end of the file.

5. Fixed several minor bugs.

6. Added ability to operate correctly without a sound card.

7. Fixed an issue with multiple instances working at the same time.

8. Significantly accelerated startup.

9. Updated audio codecs.

10. Updated AudioDSP.

21 Apr 2021 Audio Converter Plus has been released

1. Added MPEG-4 Audio Lossless (ALS) decoder.

2. Added G.723.1 decoder.

3. Added G.729 decoder.

4. Added Macintosh Audio (MACE) decoder.

5. Added QDesign Music (QDM) decoder.

6. Improved MP4 parsing.

7. Fixed problem with Unicode filenames in FLAC encoder.

8. Fixed IFF decoder bug with doubled playback speed.

9. Fixed possible loss of samples at the end of file in OGG and AAC encoders.

30 Mar 2021 AudioRetoucher has been released

1. Fine tuning of algorithms in the DSP module.

2. Audio codecs are updated to current versions.

3. Fixed minor bugs in ID3 and RIFF tags processing.

4. Fixed compatibility with Windows Vista.

29 Mar 2021 ScriptCryptor has been released

1. Updated runtime library.

2. Updated encryption library.

3. Fixed several minor bugs.