19 Nov 2019 ID3 Tag Editor has been released

1. Fixed compatibility with iTunes.

2. Fixed compatibility with Windows Vista.

18 Nov 2019 MIDIRenderer has been released

1. Optimized FLAC Encoder.

2. Updated Audio DSP.

3. Updated Lame MP3 Encoder.

15 Nov 2019 Audio Converter Plus has been released

1. Performance optimizations in the Opus encoder.

2. Noticeably increased speed of FLAC encoding.

3. Improved balance between frequency response and transient response in sample rate converter.

4. Fixed a minor bug in the ID3v2.3 tag writer.

5. Fixed a possible buffer overflow in the MP3 encoder.

11 Nov 2019 MCRS has been released

1. ASIO version supports stereo channels.

2. Improved Splitter synchronization with the time of day.

3. Performance optimizations.

4. Fixed VU-meter rendering bug.

5. Fixed issue with 24-bit sample type.