28 Oct 2022 HEIC Converter Plus has been released

1. Significantly increased conversion speed due to multithreading.

2. Improved user interface design.

17 Oct 2022 AudioRetoucher has been released

1. Improved UI scaling.

1. Added M4A/AAC output format.

3. Fixed bug when saving 8-bit FLAC file.

4. Fixed WAV file header for 24-bit audio.

5. Updated installer.

12 Oct 2022 i-Sound has been released

1. Added 24-bit recording mode for WAV encoder.

2. Updated FLAC encoder to version 1.4.1.

3. Updated SSL support for the Auto-tagger add-on.

4. Fixed launch issue on Windows N and KN Edition which do not support Windows Media Audio.

5. Updated installer.

11 Oct 2022 Video Converter Plus has been released

1. New video conversion engine.

2. Updated user interface.

3. Expanded support for hardware acceleration in the player.

4. Fixed bugs in the Tools menu.

10 Oct 2022 Streaming Audio Recorder has been released

1. Updated FLAC encoder.

2. Updated Vorbis encoder.