28 Feb 2019 Audio CD Burner has been released

1. Updated audio decoders.

2. Updated tag reader.

27 Feb 2019 ScriptCryptor has been released

1. Added Most Recently Used Files (MRU) List.

2. Updated Administrator manifest.

3. Improved compression ratio.

22 Feb 2019 MSI to EXE Compiler has been released

1. DPI-Aware user interface.

2. Added display of MSI package properties.

3. Removed file size limit.

4. Fixed few minor bugs.

19 Feb 2019 Quick Batch File Compiler has been released

1. Added drag and drop support for the list of Embedded files.

2. ZIP-compatible compression for Embedded files.

3. Fixed incorrect loading of settings from the script.

13 Feb 2019 ID3 Tag Editor has been released

1. Added High-DPI monitor support.

2. Updated audio decoders.

3. Fixed wrong tab order for tag fields.

05 Feb 2019 tuneXplorer has been released

1. Improved ID3 tag handling.

2. Updated Audio DSP.

3. Updated audio decoders.