25 May 2016 WaveCut Audio Editor has been released

1. Added an option to select sound card for playback.

2. Updated audio codecs.

3. SIMD optimizations - format conversion works 3x faster.

4. Added playback volume control.

13 May 2016 MCRS released

1. Fixed long delay when you exit the program.

2. Correctly handle the situation when the sound card stopped working or disconnected during recording.

3. More detaled information about errors in the logs.

10 May 2016 BPM Counter has been released.

1. Fixed a bug in ID3 tag writer.

10 May 2016 Quick Batch File Compiler has been released.

1. Added option which allows you to select output folder for the embedded files.

2. Added option which allows to choose the relative or absolute path to the embedded files when you save the settings.