23 Dec 2022 tuneXplorer has been released

1. Updated all audio decoders for latest versions.

2. Updated ID3 tag writing library.

3. Fixed several minor bugs.

4. Updated Installer.

20 Dec 2022 i-Sound has been released

1. Added new output format Opus.

2. FLAC codec updated to version

3. SSL library has been updated 1.1.1s

19 Dec 2022 Audio Converter Plus has been released

1. Fixed default output folder.

2. Updated FLAC encoder.

3. Updated Wavpack encoder.

4. Updated ILBC decoder.

5. Updated AAC decoder.

15 Dec 2022 Streaming Audio Recorder has been released

1. Updated recoding browser.

2. Updated the module for reading and writing audio tags.

3. Updated sound capture engine.

4. Fixed bug with compression of 8-bit samples to FLAC format.

13 Dec 2022 Video Converter Plus has been released

1. Added progress indication on the taskbar.

2. AV1 encoder and decoder have been updated.

3. AVC encoder has been updated.

09 Dec 2022 WaveCut Audio Editor has been released

1. New optimized Opus encoder.

2. FLAC encoder updated to version 1.4.1.

3. WavPack decoder updated to version 5.5.0.

4. Fixed a problem with WMA on Windows N/KN.

06 Dec 2022 iPhone Ringtone Creator has been released

1. All audio codecs have been updated to the latest versions.

2. Updated installer.

05 Dec 2022 HEIC Converter Plus has been released

1. Updated AV1 decoder.

2. Updated HEVC decoder.

3. Updated zlib.