26 Jul 2021 MSI to EXE Compiler has been released

1. Added zip-compatible compression.

2. Fixed user interface rendering on older versions of Windows.

3. Fixed an issue with the use of a code signing certificate.

12 Jul 2021 ID3 Tag Editor has been released.

1. The new music recognition engine is twice as fast.

2. Added SSL support for handling web requests.

3. Added darg'n'drop support.

4. Improved accessibility for people who are blind or low vision.

5. The audio decoders used for music recognition have been updated.

6. Faster scanning of folders for supported audio files.

09 Jul 2021 MIDIRenderer has been released

1. Improved GUI accessibility for people with disabilities.

2. Recompiled separate modules to fix compatibility with older versions of Windows.

3. Improved error handling in Vorbis codec.

4. Rollback the APE codec to previous version, as the new version has compatibility issues.

5. The built-in synthesizer has been updated.

04 Jul 2021 iPhone Ringtone Creator has been released

1. Updated FLAC and ALAC decoders.

2. Updated AAC encoder.

3. Fixed Windows Vista compatibility issue.