29 Jan 2010 SiteInFile Compiler has been released

1. Improved page loading speed

2. Added custom User-Agent option for built-in browser

3. Added compression options

4. Added ability to change application icon

5. Fixed compatibility with embedded ActiveX controls for rich media content (audio, video, flash)

21 Jan 2010 New product - BPM Counter

BPM Counter has been released. This new freeware product from Abyssmedia designed for quick detection the beats per minute of songs in your music collection.

18 Jan 2010 Hotfix for i-Sound 7

We already noticed about problem with high CPU usage (mainly on 64-bit Windows) and released version Avarage CPU usage during recording become ~5%.

13 Jan 2010 i-Sound for Windows 7 has been updated

What's new in this version?

1. Better error handling

2. New default skin

3. Tray icon disabled in Windows 7 because it will be invisible

4. Fixed choppy and skipped sound on some systems