30 Oct 2009 MIDIRenderer has been released.

Added high-quality MIDI player. You can playback MIDI track even during conversion.

30 Oct 2009 Quick Batch File Compiler has been released.

Since this version, all compiled EXE files will use long file names for embedded files,

so %MYFILES% environment variable will no longer contain short path.

Please make sure that you use double quotes in your scripts, for example:

CALL "%MYFILES%\embedded.bat"

Compiled file will work even if you suppressed 8dot3 names on NTFS partitions.

25 Oct 2009 MIDIRenderer has been released.

Initial release. This tool designed to convert MIDI to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC, AMR directly.

Direct rendering allows you to convert MIDI files 100x faster when real time.

25 Oct 2009 Audio Converter Plus has been released.

1. Added optimizations for multi-core CPUs. Audio Converter 4.0 can use up to four CPU cores during audio conversion.

2. Added FLAC encoder.

3. Added APE encoder.

4. GUI redesign.

14 Oct 2009 MSI to EXE Compiler has been released.

1. Added command line compilation

2. Fixed bug with command line arguments

01 Oct 2009 AudioRetoucher has been released.

1. Added new MP3 decoder

2. More input formats available. Now you can open 8, 16, 24, and 32 bit audio files

3. Increased range of Pitch control.

4. Corrected BPM detection algorithm.

5. Now you can drop audio files to main window.