27 Jun 2022 tuneXplorer has been released

1. Fine-tuning the key detection algorithm.

2. Improved accessibility for screen readers.

3. Added the ability to work without a sound card.

4. Fixed bugs in the tag writer module. Correct handling Genre in ID3v2.3 format and Track number in RIFF Info tag.

5. Updated manifest for Windows Vista compatibility.

6. Audio decoders updated to current versions.

23 Jun 2022 Video to MP3 Converter has been released

1. Implemented fast adding files in a separate thread.

2. Embedded player uses DXVA2 hardware support.

3. Fixed incorrect calculation of video stream bitrate.

4. New icon with high-DPI support.

13 Jun 2022 Video to MP3 Converter has been released

1. Updated all decoders and encoders.

2. Implemented precise seek by keyframes.

3. Added display of playback time in the player.

4. The last used folder is remembered.

5. Fixed freezing during playback.

10 Jun 2022 MIDIRenderer has been released

1. All audio codecs have been updated to the latest versions.

2. Updated resampler and post-processing module.

3. Refreshed user interface.

07 Jun 2022 iPhone Ringtone Creator has been released

1. Updated playback and mixing engine.

2. Updated AAC encoder.