29 Oct 2021 i-Sound has been released

1. Added M4A/AAC support.

2. Recordings browser has been redesigned.

3. Corrected minor flaws in the user interface.

4. Updated DSP module with new filters and resampler.

28 Oct 2021 BPM Counter has been released

1. Updated DSP unit and application icon

25 Oct 2021 Quick Batch File Compiler has been released

1. Fixed memory leaks occurring when loops work under certain conditions.

2. Fixed bug in CHDIR command that appeared when working with paths starting with a slash.

14 Oct 2021 WaveCut Audio Editor has been released

1. Added Dynamic Range Compressor, more information about this filter can be found in the Guides section of our website.

2. Added EBU R128 Loudness processor.

3. Added Direct Stream Digital (DSD) decoder.

4. Fixed settings windows for Limiter and Noise Gate.

13 Oct 2021 Video to MP3 Converter has been released

1. Full decoder upgrade to current versions, a significant increase in decoding speed.

2. Added video player.

2. The update check feature has been improved.

3. Fixed problems with non-Latin characters, full Unicode support.

5. Fixed problem with hanging on corrupted files.

6. Minor UI issues have been fixed.

11 Oct 2021 AudioRetoucher has been released

1. Updated sound engine with new MP3 and WMA decoders.

2. Code refactoring in Pitch/Tempo effects, initial preparation for multichannel sound support.

02 Oct 2021 WaveCut Audio Editor has been released

1. New Limiter effect has been added. It is used to reduce peaks and spikes and limit the amplitude of the audio signal.

2. Added WMA encoder, with support for Lossless and Professional profiles.

3. AudioDSP module responsible for resampling and some sound effects has been updated.

4. Updated MP3, Opus, and WMA Decoders.

5. Fixed a bug that can occur when saving multiple files on closing the editor.