24 Feb 2012 Order processing delay

Late yesterday afternoon (CST), our e-commerce provider RegNow experienced an abrupt and extremely rare hardware malfunction that impacted a disk array in one of data centers. This issue has been resolved.

Order confirmation emails, which were delayed due to the issues, are in the process of being sent.

16 Feb 2012 i-Sound has been released

- Fixed problems with playback quality in the embedded player. The new version uses its own audio decoders and does not use DirectShow decoders.

- Fixed a bug in recording browser. Recording could be accidentally removed during renaming.

- Small improvements in the program interface

- Added "Reset" button to auto-name editor

- Added checking of input parameters to the scheduler.

- Changed default group name in Start menu

- Added integration with our free sound editor

- Fixed bug where pressing the "Pause" button did not stop the recording timer.

07 Feb 2012 i-Sound has been released

1. Minor bugfixes and optimizations

2. Updated audio codecs

3. Updated built-in player

4. Reduced recording latency

5. Changed default installation folder and group name