Drag & Drop Support

Audio Converter Plus support Drag&Drop, which means that you can highlight audio files and entire folders in Windows Explorer and drag them to converter's main window. Audio Converter Plus will skip unsupported audio files automatically and add supported audio files to conversion list.

If you activate the "Scan subfolders" option, the converter will look through all subfolders for supported objects. Use this option with caution and don't drag and drop the root folder, because scanning the whole disk can take a very long time.

In addition, drag-and-drop audio files to the program icon is supported. This may not be the most convenient way, because the desktop is often cluttered with a bunch of icons and you can mix them up. Even if you find the converter icon amid this mess, you will have to minimize all windows and then go back to the Explorer window.

It's interesting to note that drag-and-drop also works within the program itself. You can select tracks in the queue with the mouse like in Windows Explorer and then drag and drop them to another position. In this way you can move to the beginning of the queue the files you want to convert as soon as possible.

When using drag and drop, sometimes there are situations when the program refuses to accept files and the mouse cursor changes its appearance to "not allowed". The main reason for this is that programs are run on behalf of different users. If one of the programs is running with Administrator privileges and the other one is run by a regular user, Windows security system will not allow drag and drop between them.

In general, it is worth noting that file drag and drop is very user-friendly and it is a pity that many developers do not pay proper attention to the support of this technology. For seamless integration of our software we tried to implement drag and drop support in all our products. So you can drag and drop audio from audio recorder to converter directly.