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5 stars12 April 2018
You will never regret your choiceby Clayton Curtis, AUBURN NY

I have used a number of other audio/video converters before as i'm sure you all have as well. I have found that this one does this really well or this one lacks this feature, that one didn't do what it was advertised to do. But with the Abyssmedia Audio Converter all i have is two words. Wow and why. The "wow" is this converter does it all and with precision. It's a one stop shop for you audio needs. It doesn't matter if you have an Ipod, smartphone, tablet, Windows computer or Mac computer this converter allows you to take your music wherever, whenever or however you want. Whether it be at the gym while you work out. Maybe that road trip you've been wanting to take to just get away. With all the conversion formats and tool's to get your audio sounding perfect for your ear's to allow you to escape those day to day woe's and frustrations and just immerse yourself in audio perfection. Now for the "why". The "why" is why was I so stupid to use anything other than the Abyssmedia Audio Converter. So to wrap up my review for you folk's and save you time and money buy the Abyssmedia Audio Converter you will never regret your choice.

5 stars14 June 2017
Fast and reliableby Nathaniel

I've been seriously impressed with how flawlessly Audio Converter Plus has worked! I have used it to compress over two million audio files, in complex folder structures, between different computers over a network, freeing up terabytes of disk space. Not once has the program failed to operate perfectly! Thanks for developing such a solid piece of software!