Copy audio tags during conversion

Would you like to convert the audio files into another format to listen on prortable device? You might be interesting in preserving the most significant audio tags in the process: Artist, Title, Album, Track, Year, Genre. But different audio files may use a different audio tags such ID3v1, ID3v2, APEtag, WMA tags, e.t.c. Audio Converter Plus will take care about audio tags conversion. Just open Settings->General and activate the "Include ID tags" option.

How does it work?

  • In the simplest case both audio formats support the tags used and they are simply copied from the source to the output file. No data is lost.
  • The second case is when both tags belong to the same family, e.g. ID3v1 and ID3v2. The newer format contains all the fields of the old one, plus new features. No problem here either - the names of the fields match, and all the information stays in place.
  • ID3v2 format tags have several versions, conversion of which can cause some problems. For example, in ID3v2.3 format the genre field is stored as a number, while in ID3v2.4 format the number must be enclosed in brackets. If not processed correctly, you will see numbers instead of text in iTunes.
  • The penultimate option in terms of complexity - tags are stored in different formats. In this case, the tag is parsed to the internal representation of the program. A new format tag is then constructed, according to accepted standards. If the format of the images used in the original file is not supported in the new tag, it will be converted automatically. Unfortunately, the program cannot recognize non-standard fields and they will be lost.
  • The last and most difficult variant is when the original file contains several tags and the information in them is different. This happens when you process your audio collection with utilities that analyze the loudness or tempo of the music. Our own programs always store new information in existing tags, but others don't care. A typical case is that the main information is stored in the ID3v2 tag, and the ReplayGain fields are stored in the ApeTag. If full copying is not possible, Audio Converter Plus will give preference to the native tag format, for MP3 it is ID3v2 and for Monkey's Audio it is ApeTag.

Note on the WAV format. Individual RIFF format chunks may contain metadata, so some programs store ID3v2 tags within them. Our converter supports copying these tags, but compatibility with other software is not guaranteed.