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4 stars17 June 2017
Works well, but needs further workby Mike

I purchased your AudioRetoucher 3 several years ago and have used it extensively in my dancing school. I use it mostly for adjusting tempo and pitch. I was recently told, however, that the music created when I shift pitch is between keys. I always make sure to adjust the music in half or full-step increments to avoid making such mistakes.
Your new version works much better, but there is still room for improvement.

5 stars14 June 2017
Thank you!by Gabriel

Thank you to the developers of AudioRetoucher. I tried the trial version and immediately sent payment for the full version. It provides greater quality and easier use than other similar software and hardware I have reviewed. Great job. I am using this as a musician... to adjust pitch of recorded songs to proper or different keys (at original tempo) for matching my instruments' tuning (without retuning). I also use it to slow songs for learning difficult passages.