Audio CD Burner : Supported drives

If a drive is not listed, it is most likely a compatible drive. If you find a compatible drive not listed, let us know so we can verify it and add it to the list. This list is permanently enlarged.

Vendor Speed formula Model Type
Plextor 40x/12x/40x W4012TA IDE
Plextor 24x/10x/40x W2410TA IDE
Plextor 12x/10x/32x W1210TA IDE
TDK 40x/12x/48x CRW1248 B IDE
TDK 32x/10x/40x CRW321040 B IDE
TEAC 12x/40x/48x CD-W540E IDE
TEAC 12x/24x/40x CD-W524E IDE
TEAC 4x/8x/32x CD-W58E IDE
SONY 10x/16x/40x CRX1611 IDE
SONY 10x/16x/40x CRX160E IDE
SONY 10x/16x/40x CRX175A1 IDE
SONY 12x/40x/48x CRX195 IDE
MITSUMI 10x/24x/40x CR-48X9TE IDE
MITSUMI 4x/4x/24x CR-4804TE IDE
MITSUMI 12x/32x/40x CR-480A IDE
PHILIPS 10x/16x/19x CDRW1610A IDE
PHILIPS 16x/10x/40x PCRW 1610K IDE
PHILIPS 24x/12x/40x PCRW 2412 IDE
PHILIPS 16x/10x/40x RVDW 1610B IDE
LG 10x/24x/40x GCE-8240 IDE
LG 32x/10x/40x GCC4320 IDE
CyberDrive 12x/16x/40x CW038D IDE
Nec 4x/8x/32x NR-7500 IDE
Nec 10x/16x/40x NR-7800 IDE
Nec 24x/10x/40x NR-7900 IDE
Nec 10x/40x/40x NR-9100 IDE
Hewlett Packard 2x/2x/24x CD-Writer+ 7500 IDE
Hewlett Packard 4x/4x/32x CD-Writer+ 8200 IDE
Hewlett Packard 12x/12x/32x DVD 100i IDE
Hewlett Packard 24x/10x/40x 4849TE IDE
Panasonic Matshita 4x/8x/32x CW-7586 IDE
Panasonic Matshita 12x/10x/40x UJDD410 IDE
Panasonic Matshita 4x/8x/24x UJDA710 IDE
Panasonic Matshita 12x/40x/48x UJDD420 IDE
ACER 4x/4x/32x 4X4X32 IDE
ACER 8x/4x/32x 8X4X32 IDE
ACER 24x/10x/40x 2410A IDE
ASUS 12x/40x/48x CRW-4012S IDE
ASUS 12x/40x/48x CRW-4012A IDE
Lite-On 4x/8x/32x LTR-0841 IDE
Lite-On 10x/16x/40x LTR-16102B IDE
Microstar 40x/12x/40x MS-8340 IDE
Ricoh 32x/10x/40x MP7320A IDE
TOSHIBA 16x/10x/40x SD-R1202 IDE
YAMAHA 16x/10x/40x SDRW2100E IDE
SAMSUNG 40x/12x/40x SW-240B IDE