MusePack Format. MPEG Plus Audio Format.

MusePack (mpp, mp+, mpc, MPEG+) - open audio file format for storing audio data, distributed under the GNU General Public License. The quality of coding at high bit rates MPC (160 kbit/s and above) noticeably (if not significantly) higher quality provided by MP3.

Main advantages:

  • The codec does not produce second dct-transformation, it actually does not suffer from artifacts of pre-echo, in contrast to formats such as MP3, Vorbis, AAC and WMA.
  • More efficient algorithms for variable bitrate. If we trace how the bitrate changed when playing MPC audio, you can see that for the simpler parts of audio the encoder selects a lower bit rate, and for the complex - a much larger, sometimes higher than 400 (!) Kbit/s. One interesting fact is that the MP3 encoder in VBR mode use 32 kbit/s (at a frequency of 44100 Hz) bit rate for silent parts, AAC and OGG Vorbis - 2kbit/s, Musepack encodes the same silence with minimal cost, <1 kbit/s (eg, minute of silence will take some 514 bytes). All of this suggests extreme "frugality" of the encoder.
  • Powerful and flexible psychoacoustic model. Here we can mention, for example, dynamic bass filter is based on frames (other encoders use a fixed bandwidth for each quality preset).
  • More advanced compression based on the optimized Huffman tables (the same LAME MP3 wasting about 20% bit rate - just because of the imperfect mathematical compression)

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