SND Format.

SND (SouND) - digital audio file format that was created by Apple Inc. Data stored in these files are commands for the Macintosh Sound Manager, and include a table of musical instruments and sounds. Thus, this kind of improved MIDI format. Also, the format may be a pure audio file if it contains only one team and one sound clip.

Many programs also use the .snd extension.

For example, it is very easy to be confused with file formats AU, which is used in the operating systems from Sun Microsystems. Such files are sometimes also have the .snd extension. Formats are different headings. Files from Sun Microsystems contain the first 4 bytes of the magic number 0x2e736e64, while Apple uses the format of the first two bytes as 16-bit integer containing 1 or 2.

Manufacturer of electronic musical instruments AKAI also has its own format, using the .snd extension. The files in this format the first byte contains the number 1 and the second - 4.

Our audio converter support Sun AU/SND format and allows you:

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