Recording music from Napster with streaming audio recorder

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Download Napster Streaming Music Recorder

Record Music from Napster

Napster is a legal music service letting you listen to as much music as you want instantly, anytime and anywhere. At the end of 2011 Napster merged with Rhapsody and became an online music store. You can choose from Napster Unlimited, Napster Unlimited plus Mobile and the Napster MP3 Store. Napster Unlimited offers unlimited ad-free streaming from a catalogue of over 15 million tracks. Napster Unlimited plus Mobile offers you all the great features of Napster Unlimited on your mobile device. Napster MP3 Store allows you to listen to 30-second samples of the Napster catalogue and purchase individual tracks and albums in MP3 format that can be burned onto CD or transferred to any MP3 player. It's free to look around, you just pay for what you download.

But we already paid for subscription, why we should pay again for download MP3 file? You may use streaming audio recording software to record music from Napster. i-Sound works better than any other program with Napster digital music subscription service. Mainly it can record any audio that it comes through your sound card so it definitely will capture, record, download and even save Napster songs on your PC and from there you can transfer the music to any music player, because it can convert the Napster music directly into mp3, wma, ogg, wav.

  • Step 1: Download and install Streaming Audio Recorder.
  • Step 2: Open recorder settings and select select the "Speakers" recording source.
  • Step 3: Choose your own settings for MP3 encoder. The majority of tracks that are streamed from Napster service are offered at 192Kbps, so use this bitrate for recorder settings.
  • Step 4: Open Napster and select the streaming audio function. Go to your live stream recorder and make sure it recognizes that Napster is playing. When it does, hit "Start Recording"
  • Step 5: Press "Stop" to stop recording.

Every time you are playing music on Napster, you can record it directly in this way. Hope it is helpful for you. Besides, this software can download music from Deezer, Pandora, MySpace,, Napster, Spotify, Grooveshark, etc.

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