Recording Scheduler

The Timer Recording feature in home VCRs appeared many years ago and, despite the difficulty of setting it up, quickly became popular. In the era of computer technology this function has become a must-have, as it has become much easier to operate the scheduler using the mouse and keyboard. We consider it perhaps one of the most valuable features of the recorder.

Basic Settings

The scheduler allows you to create up to 100 independent tasks. Each task has its own name and contains a start time and an end time. A task can be completed only once on a specified date or repeated on certain days of the week. The Scheduler recognizes day changes, so you can start recording at 23:00 and finish at 02:00 the next day.

Keep in mind that for the scheduler to work, the program must be running and the computer must be turned on.

Additional features

In addition, each job can run an external program with specified parameters before recording. For example, you can open a website page or start a media player by specifying which URL to use to open the streaming radio. When the recording is complete, the program or web page will automatically close so as not to interfere with other Scheduler tasks. Before saving the task, press the "Test Additional Task" button to make sure all the parameters are set correctly.

If you need to perform some sequence of actions before you start recording, the easiest way is to use batch files. Create a text file and add the necessary startup commands to it. There can only be one command per line. Save the file with the name "scheduler.bat" and specify the path to it in the scheduler task settings.

File Name

You have the ability to choose one of two options for generating a file name to write to. This can be a fixed value that coincides with the name of the task. In this case, this file will be overwritten with each new recording. This is convenient if you do not want to know only the latest news. A more convenient way is to enable auto-naming, in which you set a template for generating a file name. This allows you to organize your library of entries by day and month.

Task Management

You can turn the scheduler on/off at any time, it will save all your tasks for future use. The Scheduler status is displayed on the main program window. In addition, you can activate the Scheduler tasks individually without deleting them. You can use cloning to quickly create new tasks for a single source and then change only the time or date values.

With the advanced recording scheduler, i-Sound will record music even while you are sleeping!