Recording Scheduler

It's one of most valuable features of sound recorder. It allows you to assign up to 100 tasks. Each task has its own name and contains the start time and end time. The task can be performed only once at a specified date or be repeated on a specified days of the week. The scheduler detects change of day and so you can start recording at 23:00 and finish at 02:00 the next day.

In addition, each task can run an external program with the specified parameters before recording. For example, you can launch an Internet player, and specify which URL use to open a streaming radio. Using the batch files you can run several programs sequentially.

To create name of audio file, you can use the task name, but note that the new audio file will overwrite the old recording every time. Instead, you can use the auto-names feature and create a file name from the current time on the specified pattern.

You can turn scheduler on/off at any moment, but it will keep all your tasks for future use.

With advanced recording scheduler i-Sound will record music even while you sleep!