Release notes

  • Added AIFF support.
  • Updated audio decoders.
  • Fixed a problem with adding an empty tag to WAV files.
  • Fixed problem with program crash on some folders.
  • Fixed few memory leaks.
  • Added Opus support.
  • Added support for Extensible WAVE-format.
  • Fixed parsing of MP4 partial meta atoms.
  • Fixed numerical genres in ID3 v2.3 "TCON" frames.
  • Fixed handling of lowercase field names in Vorbis Comments.
  • Fixed possible file corruptions when saving Ogg files.
  • Updated audio decoders.
  • Updated OpenSSL libraries.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Added drag'n'drop support for album art.
  • Added integration into Windows Explorer context menu.
  • Fixed incorrect positions of controls on the main window.
  • Audio fingerprint library has been updated.
  • Audio decoding libraries have been updated.
  • ID3 tag editing library has been updated.
  • SSL protocol libraries updated.
  • Updated installer.
  • The new music recognition engine is twice as fast.
  • Added SSL support for handling web requests.
  • Added Darg and Drop support.
  • Improved accessibility for people who are blind or low vision.
  • The audio decoders used for music recognition have been updated.
  • Faster scanning of folders for supported audio files.
  • Fixed compatibility with iTunes.
  • Fixed compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Added Cover Art support.
  • Faster directory scanning.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.
  • Improved music recognition accuracy.
  • Added WavPack support.
  • UI optimizations.
  • Added command line version - autotagger.exe.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.
  • Added High-DPI monitor support.
  • Updated audio decoders.
  • Fixed wrong tab order for tag fields.
  • Added Album Artist, Composer and Disc Number fields.
  • Faster directory navigation.
  • Fixed a bug with filtering supported file formats.
  • Fixed bug preventing tags removing from WAV files.
  • Fixed issues with ID3v1 tags.
  • Added WAV support.
  • Added ALAC support.
  • Updated audio decoders.
  • Updated tagging module.
  • Improved update checker.
  • Added music recognition technology.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.
  • Added M4A support.
  • Added FLAC support.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Added BPM and KEY fields.
  • Updated main icon.
  • New About window
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • First release.