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5 stars18 February 2021
Good stuffby Shawn Wiltshire

helped us when we were in a little jam

5 stars28 November 2019
That's just what I was looking for.by Edward Stewart

WaveCut Audio Editor is an excellent piece of software. I downloaded it because I just bought a .wav album from one of my favorite artists of a continuous suite of music that was broken into tracks. I don't know why artists do this; in the vinyl days, you could at least cut music on the lead-in grooves. So WaveCut solved my problem effortlessly, allowing me to paste all the tracks together seamlessly into one. Did it with some mp3's as well ...
I'd recommend this audio editor to anyone who just wanted to quickly edit some .wav files with an absolute minimum of muss or fuss ...

5 stars14 June 2019
Compact and fast editor with Opus supportby Ted Knight

Our internal Genesys telephony system export call recordings in Opus format, so we were looking for the most convenient editor that supports this format. Most modern editors are focused on professional users and require long-term staff training. WaveCut was very easy to learn, something like a Notepad, but only for music.

5 stars14 June 2017
Better than Wave Editorby Lewis

I am a long time enjoyed the free version of the editor, but it is too slow with large files. Improved version of the audio editor performs the same action instantly! Incredible! Certainly, the program is worth its money.