Convert FLAC to MP3 without all the hassle

Do you have your favorite audio album only in FLAC format and needs to transfer it to iPod? One thing to know is that a FLAC file is a lossless audio codec. Unlike MP3, this means that no audio information is lost when you convert your files into this format. It may seem that FLAC is better than MP3 and WMA, and it really is. But the MP3-encoder produces smaller files, which is much more important for a player with a limited amount of memory. In addition, the FLAC format is not supported by iPod and other portable audio players. Thus, it makes no sense to use FLAC on portable devices. What things you need for the conversion? Only Audio Converter Plus!

flac to mp3
  1. Download and install Audio Converter Plus
  2. Launch Audio Converter Plus and add FLAC files to the conversion list
  3. Select the Output folder and output format - MP3 or M4A, depending from your audio player, optimal bitrate for portable devices lies in the range of 128-192 kbps
  4. Open Settings and enable an option "Transfer audio tags". It will read Vorbis Comments from FLAC file and save them to MP3 file as ID3v2 tag.
  5. Enable "Keep directory structure" option
  6. Start conversion by clicking the "Convert" button
Please note that MP3 audio format doesn't support 24-bit audio and sampling rate limited by 48000 Hz. Audio Converter Plus will downsample higher sampling rate to 48000 automatically.

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