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heic to jpeg

Took a bunch of awesome photos with your new iPhone 13, but often your friends complain that they can't view them? Don't worry, it's a common problem and there's a long-standing solution. The fact is that photos taken by new iPhone, or in other words, iOS 11+ devices, are saved in a special image format called HEIC (or HEIF). The advantage of HEIC is that it has excellent compression and saves a lot of space for the same image quality.

The problem is that new progressive image formats are not being introduced as quickly as we would like. For all its advantages, the new format faces compatibility issues with most other devices. Thus, viewing HEIC photos is not possible on devices and platforms other than iOS 11, including Windows-based computers, Linux, Android phones, browsers, social media, etc.

To avoid vendor lock-in, you need to find a way to convert HEIC to a more widely supported format such as JPG, since it is the most used photo storage format. Here we are going to show you the 3 best ways to convert HEIC to JPEG online or offline in a few clicks.

1 Convert HEIC to JPG with original quality on computer

You may have already tried dozens of free online converters, but they all look suspiciously similar to each other, don't they? In fact, they are clones of the same program, which has one major drawback - it only sees the primary photo in the HEIC file. The trouble is, it is a collage of several photos that are stored inside the same file. Individual photos in good quality will not be available to you. The following product can solve this problem.

Probably one of the most powerful converters - HEIC Converter Plus will help you easily convert any iOS photos from HEIC to JPEG. In just one click, you can instantly convert HEIC photos to JPG format while maintaining the original high image quality. The program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11.

heic converter plus

This proven HEIC to JPG conversion tool is designed to batch convert a large number of photos at once. Of course, you can also adjust the quality of the output image according to your needs, or choose PNG format for lossless compression. In addition, all the EXIF metadata of the HEIC image is saved after the conversion. Compared to the online HEIC converter, this app is much more secure because it saves your personal data locally rather than in cloud services.

It's easy enough to use. First, connect your iPhone and import HEIC photos to your Windows computer. Install and run the HEIC Converter Plus program and drag the folder with the HEIC photos to the program icon. If the files are located on different drives, you can run the converter and use the "Add file" and "Add folder" buttons to add them to the program. That way you can add unlimited number of HEIC photos to convert each time. After adding photos to the converter, you can choose the output format on the bottom panel - by default it will be JPEG with maximum quality settings. If you want to save disk space you can open the settings window and lower the quality to acceptable values. Now you can start the process of converting HEIC to JPG by pressing the "Convert" button on the toolbar.

2 Transform HEIC to JPG via Email

It is possible to convert HEIC to JPEG without any tools, but it will not be the most convenient way. You can send HEIC photos as an attachment in an email, and then the iPhone photo format will be automatically converted to JPG.

Click "Photos" on the iPhone home page, where you can select the desired HEIC photos you want to email. After that, select the "Share" option where you will find the "Mail" option, Of course you must have an internet connection and an account set up. Enter your email address, subject, and other information to send your HEIC photos. The HEIC will be converted to JPG automatically when you send it.

share heic image via email

In this simple way you can transfer some pictures not only to your computer, but also to other Android mobile devices. However, you should keep in mind that e-mail has limitations on sending large files and consumes Internet traffic.

3 Convert a single HEIC file on Windows 10 for free

Today, more and more photo editors are compatible with HEIC. Paint 3D on Windows 10, for example, supports opening HEIC and converting it to JPEG. However, you should be aware that they all have some drawbacks. Paint 3D can only convert one image at a time, so if you have a lot of HEIC, it's a waste of time. Also, it is only available for Windows 10 and Paint 3D can't optimize photo quality.

paint 3d export

Find the HEIC image on your computer, right-click it, select Open with and select Paint 3D. Click on the Menu option in the upper left corner, select Save As and click Image. The "Save" dialog box will appear. Before you save, make sure you select JPG from the drop-down list under Save As Type.

P.S. To my surprise, the Paint editor in Windows 11 declares support for HEIC, but could not open any photos.

windows 11 paint heic read error


As promised, we have given you three easy ways to convert HEIC to JPG. Try both to see which one is preferable for you. The most important thing is that in either case you will get the highest quality that HEIC produces.

So, what did you think of this article? Did it help you? If so, share it with anyone who might need to convert HEIC files to JPGs.

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