How to save Real Audio Streams to MP3 Files

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Real Audio

RealAudio is a proprietary audio format developed by RealNetworks and first released in April 1995. In the next decent years, many online radio stations use RealAudio format to stream music in real time. It requires Real Player, the software released by Real Networks.

Can I capture and save the Real Player media broadcast on my PC? Is there any multimedia tool I can use to record Real Audio from a website? Yes, you can use any stream ripper to download Real Audio stream or even use RealPlayer SP. It is now possible to save an audio stream to a file. After downloading you will have RA or RM file on the hard drive. But what can I do with them? Not one player does not support this format! In that case, why not convert it to MP3 directly during recording?

If you are thinking about it, Real Audio Recorder is just for you to record Real Audio streams and save them to MP3. If you are already used recorder, congratulations! If not, no worry, this article will guide you how you will save Real Audio to MP3.

Just follow the steps below, and then you will get it. This detailed User Guide below will tell you how to save RealAudio stream and convert it to MP3 on-the-fly.

  • Step 1: Download and install Real Audio Recorder.
  • Step 2: Start Real Audio recorder.
  • Step 3: Open recorder settings and select MP3 output format.
  • Step 4: Start playback of RealAudio stream in your media player.
  • Step 5: Click the "Record" button to start recording. After recording finished, please click the "Stop" button.

That's all you need to do to save Real Audio to MP3. Just go and record few songs to listen on your portable player.

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