How to burn MIDI file to a CD?

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burn MIDI to CD

As far as I know, no one CD player does not support MIDI files playback, so you can't burn MIDI directly to a CD. Why? Because MIDI is like Sheet music or score. Sheet music isn't music that you can hear but it tells a musician how to play an instrument.

<>p Most users associate MIDI songs with simple ringtones and karaoke, so the very idea of listening to music in MIDI is perplexing. You should understand that the problem is not with the format itself, but with the way you play it. Imagine a sheet music played by a beginning student and a brass band. Would you notice the difference?

So, the problem is the primitive MIDI synthesizer built into Windows. You need a player that supports soundfonts to get quality sound. Even basic free soundfonts sound much more natural than you are used to. Once you have tried several soundfonts and gotten the sound you want, a second question arises - how do you save it? The most obvious way is to record the sound from the player. This is easy and very slow at the same time. Why not make the synthesizer as fast as possible and put it into a familiar WAV or MP3 format? That's how MIDIRenderer came about.

If you want an MP3 CD or DVD, you need MIDI to MP3 conversion. After the MIDI conversion, you will be able to transfer or burn the sound file to a CD using the Windows wizard. I don't think anyone will have a problem with that.

Playing the music on the early model stationary or car players will require the creation of a standard Audio CD. This format is different in that it does not use compression and allows you to store up to 80 minutes of music on a single disc. This is a small price to pay for compatibility. There are two steps involved in creating a standard Audio CD. First, you need to convert MIDI to WAV. This can be done with any MIDI to WAVE converter. Be sure to use the 44100 Hz/Stereo/16bit setting to avoid sample rate conversions. Then download and install the Audio CD Burner software to burn WAV files to an Audio CD.

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