Release notes

Version 6.99.9 (02.01.2019)
  • Updated audio codecs
Version 6.99.8 (04.02.2017)
  • Fixed issue with wrong detection of default playback device
Version 6.99.7 (03.28.2017)
  • Updated WMA codec
  • Fixed bug in WAV encoder
Version 6.99.6 (02.16.2017)
  • Updated OGG encoder
  • Optimized graphics engine
Version 6.99.5 (01.16.2017)
  • Updated Skin engine
  • Updated Notch filter
Version 6.99 (08.02.2016)
  • Updated audio codecs
  • Optimizations from Version 7
Version 6.97 (02.07.2012)
  • Built-in player has been updated to fix playback issues
  • Changed default installation folder and program group
  • Fixed bug with renaming the recording
  • No longer install and use system codecs for OGG and APE
  • Added "Reset to default" button to Auto Name editor
  • Added validation routines to Event editor
Version 6.96 (11.27.2009)
  • Updated OGG Vorbis encoder
  • Audio player no more fails on empty files
  • Special edition for Windows 7 and Windows Vista now available from our site
Version 6.95 (11.01.2009)
  • Added: quick sort in recording browser
  • Fixed: bug in Auto-Stop function
  • Optimized anti-aliasing functions
  • Fixed: compatibility issues with Windows Vista
  • Added: sort by date in recording browser
  • New faster memory manager
  • Less CPU usage during recording
Version 6.92 (02.16.2009)
  • Fixed: bug in WAV encoder
  • Added: support for non-DirectX devices
Version 6.91 (02.10.2009)
  • Improved VOX accuracy
  • Minor interface tweaks
Version 6.90 (01.29.2009)
  • Fixed: save/load date values
  • New Recording Browser with Tag editor
  • Added: Autodele option for VOX
Version 6.82 (11.23.2007)
  • Fixed: bug in autosplitter
  • Fixed: bug in autostop
  • Optimized AGC algorithm
Version 6.80 (11.17.2007)
  • Added: Troubleshooter
  • Added: more WMA options
  • Added: more naming rules
  • Added: Auto-stop function
Version 6.71 (01.26.2007)
  • Fixed: default settings for real-time filters
  • Fixed: issues with "Stay On Top" and "Minimize on startup"
  • Added: option to select playback device
  • Improved VOX accuracy
  • Optimizations for dual-core CPU's
  • Fixed: bug in spectrum analyzer
Version 6.70 (09.26.2006)
  • Internal redesign
  • Fixed: few memory leaks
  • New memory manager
  • Fixed: problems with "Open URL" and "Close URL" in Scheduler
  • Fixed: compatibility issues with Realtek High Definition Audio Codec
  • Added: custom naming rules
  • Fixed: recorder may lose record if you exit during record
Version 6.60 (01.17.2006)
  • Fixed: scheduler may lose all settings after reboot
  • Fixed: AGC Mode not initialized on start-up
  • Added: VOX Threshold indication in dB
  • Added: ask confirmations on exit or reboot if recorder is active
Version 6.59 (11.03.2005)
  • Fixed: problem with loading Scheduler settings
  • Fixed: problem with "Fixed Date" option (Scheduler)
  • Fixed: problem with file naming when Scheduler and Splitter works together
  • Added: WMA Tag Editor
  • Added: more MP3 options (ABR, VBR)
  • Added: MP3 options validation
  • Added: option to enable/disable window animation
Version 6.57 (09.20.2005)
  • Fixed: problem with program's settings
  • Added: Cut Silent Part of MP3 Files option for VOX mode
  • Changed: Splitter Time Limit from seconds to minutes
Version 6.56.9 (08.02.2005)
  • Fixed: problem with registration info and program's settings
Version 6.56.3 (06.30.2005)
  • Fixed: refresh "Records list" after end of record
  • Added: "Copy To:" function to "Records List" context menu
  • Fixed: problems with configuration files - sometimes i-Sound show a lot of "is not a valid integer value" messages on startup
Version 6.56 (06.15.2005)
  • Updated Installer & Uninstaller
  • Fixed days enumeration at Scheduler window
  • Added: Optional "Close URL" field for Scheduler
  • Added: 48000Hz samplerate
  • Fixed: Mixer problems with nVidia nForce Audio codec
Version 6.55 (04.05.2005)
  • MP3 encoder update
  • WMA encoder update
  • Added: URL field for Scheduler
  • Fixed: VOX Threshold Field
  • XML- powered version: recorder and scheduler save all settings in XML-format
  • Help file updated
  • Enabled access to MP3 file during recording
  • Global Optimizations
  • Added: "Disable Hotkeys" option
  • Added: recorder save window position
  • Added: you can rearrange Scheduler's events by mouse (Drag'N'Drop)
  • Added: additional skin "Power"
  • Added: scheduler can save columns width
  • Fixed: small issues in playback module
Version 6.53 (12.21.2004)
  • Fixed: Mixers Enumeration Error
  • Fixed: Scheduler file names uses only month-day in Auto-Names mode
Version 6.52 (12.14.2004)
  • Fixed: TManager Creation Error Fixed
  • Fixed: Scheduler file names now extended with current month-day
Version 6.51 (11.26.2004)
  • Fixed: Capture kernel for 22050Hz samplerate
  • Fixed: Minimize on startup feature
Version 6.50 (11.05.2004)
  • Added: Split By Time feature
  • Added: Separate level sliders for right and left channels
  • Added: optional file name for scheduler
  • Changed: Interface Redesigned
  • Changed: Capture Module Redesigned
  • Changed: Advanced FreeForm SkinEngine II
  • Fixed: Incorrect WAV- file size displayed
  • Fixed: Filter's parameters recalculation
  • Changed: Advanced real-time visualization
  • Fixed: Start Record on program's startup
  • Fixed: Mixer Module redesigned
  • Added: Clear "Mute" option on startup
  • Changed: Spectrum display show wave data after filtering
  • Changed: Tag Editor Button moved to Records List window
  • Changed: Mixer moved to Settings Window
  • Changed: VOX moved to Settings Window
  • Changed: Increased VOX Threshold resolution
  • Fixed: Always Stay on Top
Version 6.32 (09.08.2004)
  • Fixed: Visualization lost after click "Start" button
  • Fixed: Aligned auto-names
  • Changed: new WAV module
Version 6.31 (06.05.2004)
  • Fixed: Minor fixes for better visual appearance.
Version 6.30 (06.01.2004)
  • Added: Real-time signal filtering. Low-pass, High-pass and Notch filters.
Version 6.23 (05.05.2004)
  • Fixed: random errors with Tag Editor
  • Added: AGC - automatic gain control. This feature recommended for Voice Recording and not suitable with hi-quality music.
Version 6.22 (03.24.2004)
  • Fixed: Volume control in Player mode
  • Fixed: Program don't load selected skin on startup
  • Added: Program save Display mode
  • Added: Make pause after enter file name (option)
Version 6.21 (03.10.2004)
  • Fixed: option "Start recording immediately on program startup"
  • Fixed: new scheduler algorithm and more options
  • Added: "Rename" button on folder panel
  • Added: Skin-Engine II
  • Added: Antialiased Fonts
  • Added: Optimized Visualization algorithms - low CPU usage during recording
Version 6.15 (02.26.2004)
  • Changed: OGG Codec updated to version 1.0.1
  • Changed: Lame MP3 encoder updated to version 3.95.1
  • Fixed: OGG Vorbis playback
  • Fixed: OGG Vorbis DirectShow Filter registration
  • Fixed: option "Run application on Windows startup"
  • Fixed: File-name dialog
  • Fixed: Scheduler work with days of week incorrect
  • Added: Open Tag Editor for MP3 files after stop recording
  • Added: Overwrite dialog
Version 6.12 (12.17.2003)
  • Fixed: "Minimize on startup" option
  • Added: "Run on Windows startup" option
Version 6.11 (12.16.2003)
  • Fixed: If select option "Start record on startup" program show "Error" message
  • Added: option "Minimize on startup"
  • Fixed: check updates URL
  • Fixed: VOX settings work incorrect after update from 5.xx version
Version 6.10 (12.15.2003)
  • Recording List: files moved to Recycled Bin
  • Recording list: added Close button
  • Internal optimizations
Version 6.05 (11.15.2003)
  • Fixed: Volume switching after 'Play' click
  • Added: Different colors for status string
  • Added: Program save Volume for Recorder and Player separately
Version 6.04 (11.11.2003)
  • Fixed: Enumeration of WMA codecs
  • Fixed: MP3 file writer bugs
  • Added: default ID3v2 tag for MP3 files
  • Added: Xing VBR Header for MP3 files
  • Changed: new version of Lame encoder (old version contain some bugs)
Version 6.03 (11.06.2003)
  • Fixed problems with Outlook XP for "Send by e-mail" feature
Version 6.02 (10.27.2003)
  • Fixed 'Send by E-mail' function
  • Less memory usage
Version 6.01 (10.02.2003)
  • Fixed player time display
  • Fixed registration procedure
Version 6.00 (10.01.2003)
  • Added built-in Player
  • Added Records list
  • Added "Send by e-mail" feature
  • Added Spectrum display
  • Added Volume control on main window
Version 5.93
  • Added event's editor for Scheduler
  • Manual optimization of capture algorithm (MMX, SSE).
Version 5.92
  • Checking Output Folder availability before start recording.
  • Fixed Auto-Name generation algorithm
Version 5.91
  • Fixed format of Duration indicator. Now duration show the correct time intervals without "AM/PM".
Version 5.90
  • Added Shortcut "F1" to open help file
  • Added Sound Card Selection dialog into Mixer Window
Version 5.86
  • Improved Scheduler algorithm, fixed small bug at "Once" mode.
Version 5.81
  • Fixed VOX bug.
Version 5.80
  • Corrected display position
  • Display recorded file size for MP3, OGG and WAV formats
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Improved VOX accuracy
  • Added Mixer Control
  • Added "Mixer Lock" feature. It prevent mixer switching by other software during recording.
Version 5.71
  • Added "Start Recording Immediately on startup" feature
Version 5.70
  • Added hot-key for 'Open Folder' = Ctrl+Alt+F
  • Added 16Kbit bit rate for MP3
  • Fixed buttons blinking under Windows 98
  • Fixed Scheduler bug
  • Changed auto-created file names format to YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS
Version 5.66
  • Added tag editor for Monkey's Audio files (.ape)
  • Added Global Hot-Keys
  • Fixed scheduler bug