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5 stars09 September 2021
really safeby NikNik

It is the only compiler that does not unpack your batch file to a temporary folder.
This is a killer feature!

5 stars23 August 2021
It looks like it is really compiling...by Ted Rosen

All of the batch file compilers I have tested before are fake. They simply unpacked the script into a temporary folder and ran it through cmd.exe. Consequently, the execution speed of the script did not change, and its source could be viewed by anyone.
Immediately after the release of the new version of QBFC, I compiled some scripts and compared the execution speed with cmd.exe. The speed is noticeably different, which means it is really compiled. It's too early to talk about 100% compatibility with the system interpreter, but they don't lie about compilation.

5 stars20 August 2019
It's real compiler!by Mike

The latest beta is incredible! The first real compiler for batch files! I look forward to the final release.

5 stars24 July 2019
Great softwareby Arty Scott

This is one of the very first compilers converting bat to exe. Almost all new features originally appeared in it and then copied by other authors. The latest beta version is a move to a new level. Just imagine - these guys could make an optimizing compiler for batch files! I look forward to the final release!