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Following the adoption of standards HTML5, JavaScript has found a second life. Previously, it used to create visual effects for dynamic HTML pages, but now it has used to create serious applications. Such popular frameworks like Node.js allow you to use it on servers and Canvas will compete with Flash technology.

More often, JavaScript was used on the desktop. Performance of modern interpreters has grown, so the only drawback is distribution of scripts in source codes. A script can contain private information, such as passwords and user names. The author may want to hide the algorithm of the script. To avoid these problems, the script can be compiled and distributed in the form of standard EXE applications. In addition, each application will include version information, icon and copyrights.

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ScriptCryptor is one of the first and most popular JavaScript compiler. Before you can compile it allows you to select the script execution mode, fill in the information about program, as well as use the embedded files. Convenient IDE with syntax highlighting lets you develop applications of any complexity. You can also start the compilation from the command line. To interact with Windows the compiler provides a standard WScript object, compatible with WSH.

What ScriptCryptor differs from other compilers? ScriptCryptor creates native applications that are loaded into memory. Others compilers simply unpack script to a temporary folder and launch it for execution through WSH.

You can not compile scripts in web pages, because browsers do not allow the use of EXE files.

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