Release notes

Version (04.16.2024)
  • Updated Opus codec. The previous version of libOpus contained a bug in the AVX2 code that could cause the program to crash.
  • Updated FLAC codec for better multi-threading support.
  • Updated zlib data compression library.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the download page from opening during the update check.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Help file to open after installing an update in a different folder.
Version (04.12.2024)
  • Fixed minor bugs and memory leaks.
  • Advanced reporting of exceptions and errors.
Version (03.15.2024)
  • Updated digital signal processing library.
  • Updated library for manipulating metadata in audio recordings.
  • Updated AAC encoder.
  • Updated Opus encoder.
Version (01.08.2024)
  • Updated digital signal processing library.
  • Fixed a bug in the function of sending audio recordings by e-mail.
  • Fixed minor bugs and memory leaks.
  • By default, the recorder is installed only for the current user.
Version (10.26.2023)
  • Fixed floating point operation error occurring after skin change.
  • Fixed reordering of channels in Opus decoder.
  • Updated FLAC codec to version
  • Updated tag editor and DSP unit.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
Version (06.27.2023)
  • Fixed problem with skins installation when recorder is running.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the tag editor.
  • The sorting mode in the recording browser is retained after restarting.
  • Opus codec updated to version
  • Reduced installer size due to better compression.
Version (12.20.2022)
  • Added new output format Opus.
  • FLAC codec updated to version
  • SSL library has been updated 1.1.1s
Version (10.12.2022)
  • Added 24-bit recording mode for WAV encoder.
  • Updated FLAC encoder to version
  • Updated SSL support for the Auto-tagger add-on.
  • Fixed launch issue on Windows N and KN Edition which do not support Windows Media Audio.
  • Updated installer.
Version (07.29.2022)
  • Improved album recognition and cover art search.
  • Improved recordings browser user interface.
  • Updated audio encoders to current versions.
Version (04.27.2022)
  • Automatic check and correction of invalid characters during file name generation.
  • Fixed and improved DSP module.
  • Updated FLAC and AAC encoders.
  • Basic audio decoders have been updated.
Version (10.29.2021)
  • Added M4A/AAC support.
  • Recordings browser has been redesigned.
  • Corrected minor flaws in the user interface.
  • Updated DSP module with new filters and resampler.
Version (09.13.2021)
  • Updated the audio capture engine, digital processing module and WMA codec.
Version (06.17.2021)
  • FLAC encoder has been updated, added 192kHz sampling rate.
  • Fixed indication of recording time in VOX mode.
  • Fixed possible resource leakage when stopping recording in VOX mode.
  • Digital signal processing and audio tag editing modules have been updated.
  • More detailed information about errors that occur during recording.
Version (07.08.2019)
  • New Auto-tagger add-on with Cover Art support.
  • Reduced latency in the sound recording engine.
  • Updated metadata engine.
Version (04.08.2019)
  • Updated audio tag editing module.
  • Updated sample rate conversion module.
Version (03.26.2019)
  • Added integration with ID3 Tag Editor for automatic music recognition.
  • Added check for the existence of the output folder before recording.
  • Updated audio tagging module.
  • Updated Audio DSP.
  • Fixed accidental changing the direction of sorting each time the Recording Browser is opened.
  • Global refactoring and code cleanup.
Version (03.01.2019)
  • Updated MP3 decoder.
  • Updated Spectrum display.
  • Updated Filters.
  • Updated WMA Encoder.
Version (01.16.2019)
  • Checks whether the main window is off-screen and shoves it back automatically.
  • Updated MP3 encoder.
  • Added "Clone event" button to the Scheduler.
  • Added "Daily" option to the Scheduler.
  • Improved error handling.
Version (11.25.2018)
  • Updated Audio DSP.
  • Improved audio stream buffering.
  • Improved errors reporting.
Version (04.27.2018)
  • Fixed issue with the list of sound card inputs.
Version (04.20.2018)
  • Updated audio encoders.
  • Added 8-bit WAV format.
  • Added option to enable/disable scheduler events.
Version (11.10.2017)
  • Updated Recordings browser.
  • Updated Tag Editor.
  • Updated FLAC encoder.
Version (09.06.2017)
  • Fixed bug in FLAC encoder.
Version (09.05.2017)
  • Added Hi-resolution recording modes, up to 96kHz/24-bit.
Version (08.17.2017)
  • Updated the record browser to support a large number of audio files in the folder.
  • Fixed sorting of audio recordings by date.
  • Added the "Send to iTunes" feature.
  • Added the "Test additional task" feature in the scheduler editing window.
Version (05.22.2017)
  • Full Unicode support.
Version (04.30.2017)
  • Updated sampling rate converter.
Version (03.31.2017)
  • Fixed wrong detection of default playback device.
Version (03.30.2017)
  • Updated tag editor.
Version (03.28.2017)
  • Fixed bug in WAV encoder.
  • Increased default recording level.
Version (03.22.2017)
  • Faster update checker.
  • Updated FLAC encoder.
Version (02.15.2017)
  • Updated Audio DSP.
  • Added volume control for all recording sources.
  • Added “Check for updates at startup”.
  • Fixed “Audio format not supported” error.
  • Deleted “Mixer Lock” option.
Version (02.12.2017)
  • Updated audio encoders.
  • Better error handling.
Version (01.14.2017)
  • Fixed "Audio devices enumeration" error.
  • Updated Notch filter.
  • Improved Splitter accuracy.
Version (09.09.2016)
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Version (07.25.2016)
  • Added FLAC support.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.
Version (04.05.2016)
  • Fixed bug in Audio DSP.
  • Updated Lame MP3 encoder.
  • Updated Ogg Vorbis encoder.
  • Updated Monkey’s Audio encoder.
Version (03.28.2016)
  • Updated Audio DSP.
  • Updated audio codecs.
  • Optimized graphics rendering, reduced consumption of GDI resources.
  • Improved buffering to avoid sound stuttering on slow computers.
  • More SIMD optimizations.
  • Fixed - wrong duration for wav files in Recording Browser.
  • Fixed - network drives not shown in the folder selection dialog.
  • Fixed - incorrect slider position during playback.
Version (08.22.2014)
  • Fixed Access Violation error on startup.
  • Added SSE2 optimizations.
  • Added auto-complete feature for naming rules.
  • Displays Windows audio format in the Settings window.
Version (08.11.2014)
  • Fixed folder selection dialog.
  • Updated Audio DSP.
Version (07.22.2014)
  • Fixed few minor bugs in recording browser.
  • Updated audio codecs.
  • Tray icon shows recorder status using different colors.
  • Several optimizations and code cleanup.
Version (07.10.2013)
  • Fixed minor bug in recording scheduler.
Version (10.08.2012)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the appearance of the program window off screen. The new version automatically adjusts the position on the desktop.
  • "Minimize to system tray" now works in Windows 7.
Version (02.16.2012)
  • Built-in player has been updated to improve playback quality.
  • No longer install DirectShow Filters for Ogg Vorbis and Monkey's Audio files.
  • Updated memory manager.
  • Fixed a bug in recording browser that may caused file deletion during renaming.
  • Minor interface tweaks.
  • Added "Reset" button to auto-name editor.
  • Added input parameters validation in Scheduler.
  • Updated MP3 encoder.
  • Changed default group name in Start menu to Abyssmedia\i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7.
  • Added integration with sound editor.
  • Fixed: "Pause" button doesn't stop recording timer.
  • Fixed bug with Disconnected Audio Devices.
  • Fixed bug with 100% CPU usage.
  • New default skin.
  • Volume slider disabled in loopback mode.
  • First official release