Two ways to record game audio on PC

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Games always provide us high amusement and teach us how to deal with real problem with strategies, how to be successful when fight against your enemies and how to cooperate with your community to be the best team. Regardless of whether you like playing flash games, Tetris, Bingo, puzzle games, music games, racing games, etc, you perhaps want to know how to record in-game sound.

There are thousands of choices for you to record in-game sound. To save a single part of game music or all game sounds in HQ, you just need to follow these easy and perspicuous guides right below the passage.

1 Use PC sound recorder to record in-game sound

i-Sound Recorder, is the ultimate PC sound recorder and can perform the task of recording the sound played by your computer speaker. It is done so easily that this solution can be considered one of the best for recording computer game sound. Just a few clicks in the window of this program and you can record the sound of games in full quality, make CDs with beautiful music from games. Recorder hotkeys work even during the game, so there's no need to distract yourself from the gameplay. After all, the recorder's features are not limited to recording sound from computer games and can come in handy in everyday work.

game audio recorder

Short guide for recording in-game sound:

  • Download and Configure in-game sound recorder (i-Sound Recorder) well based upon its instructions. It is easy and fast to achieve the whole process.
  • This program allows you to save online music or audio as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc and skip certain time of silence, etc. You only need to click "Settings" button and choose the right options.
  • Play the game online or offline on your computer and then open i-Sound Recorder to begin to record the sound of my game by hitting the "Start" button. Much more functions could be searched on "Settings" tab.

2 How to record in-game sound by Fraps

Nearly everyone will know that Fraps has the ability to record audio streams if they ever searched for recording in-game sound on For the first-time user, it is better to download free version of Fraps.

Please note how to operate it here:

  • Download and launch Fraps from the website source.
  • Find out "Movies" tab on the top of its interface, click it and go ahead to set the "Sound Capture Settings" and check the "Record Sound" box.
  • Remember to check the "Detect best sound input". Click the volume under the "Audio" tab. Choose to record from stereo mix from the "recording control".
  • Play the games, after that, press the default hotkey of "F9" and then it will record in-game sound. The file that Fraps has recorded will be saved into the listed folder. If it is not convenient for you, you can set it with "Change" button.


The first one is a professional program to record movie sound, while the second one could help game enthusiasts to record in-game sound only or audio and videos in the meantime.

If you are just at loss for recording in-game sound, i-Sound Recorder is your optimal choice. Enjoy!

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