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Live365 Internet Radio Review

Are you a hobbyist or addict of online radio stations including Pandora, Shoutcast, Sirius,, AOL, AccuRadio and so on? Today we will introduce you another radio station called Live365 Internet Radio in order that it can enrich your spare time as well.

General presentation of Live365 Radio

Live365 Radio has a longer history than other internet radio stations, as it can go back to 1980s. With the high development of technology, it got in a transition in 1999 and became one of the favorite radio stations for fans since then. Live365 has been listed as a primary radio station since the company improved the user listening service and broadcasting applications in 2007.

Here we can epitomize Live365 radio station from major two sides. At one side, Live365 apply itself to giving customers the best service to broadcast themselves as individual or pro DJs, on the other side, it showcases nearly 7,000 radio stations and 250+ genres of online music for catering to every type of audience.

Top reasons to select Live365 Internet Radio

  1. Is there an easy-to-use platform to broadcast our voice on the territory and reach global audiences online at one go? Live365 Radio contains various kinds of packages for specific customer to create stations, but with the minimal effort.You can choose to create individual or business station to broadcast music or pre-recorded radio, control your advertising, share it on iTunes, Winamp, and broadcast radio on studio-365, etc.
  2. Live365 supports broadcasting on frequently-used media players such as Windows Media Player, Live365 player and hardware devices like Android Phones and Tablets, therefore, users can tune in their favorite stations without restraint.
  3. If you have been a pro broadcaster on Live365 Radio, you can opt in sharing advertisement revenue on your station and earn extra dollars potentially.
  4. On the left side of Live365 Radio interface, there is a built-in player where users can play available station instantly and with shortcut keys to share it on social network, rate it or add it to your presets.
  5. The company of Live365 is always updating new services, for example, you can now enjoy radio and additional functions on Roku player or broadcast audio ads on Pro Points Rewards Program professionally to earn 1000 dollars if you can get 1,000 points rewards.

The drawback of Live365 Radio

For any user of Live365, they can enjoy many university radio stations and use the basic Live365 software free. While you are listening to the radio with great relish, you will be annoyed by the interruption of commercial advertisement accidentally. To void this, you need to pay annual fee for becoming a VIP on Live365.

Conclusion and more online radio stations

Live365 is a great place for rediscovering Celtic, Christian, 80s, Country, Jazz and sorts of music as well as sharing your talents in organizing radio programs. It outpaces other radio stations because of its flexible ways and advanced technology for both broadcasting and listening.

We all know there are thousands of radio stations for music discovery, customizing personal radio for broadcasting, recommending similar music and so on. Among some of the famous ones, Slacker is exclusively good for finding new music, Pandora is great for streaming and recommending, while AccuRadio wins out for webby-award interface.

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