Top 5 online radio stations that are worth your attention

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Top 5 Live Internet Radio Stations Review

With the high development of internet, we are brought into an electronic age, in which people can shop online, contact friends with e-mail, share information instantly, watch live TV and do a lot of things conveniently.

If you are a live internet lover, it is not difficult for you to discover millions of radio stations with varied kinds of elaborate channels. To better cater to your needs, we intend to recommend you top 5 live internet radio stations now.

1 Hitsradio

Hitsradio is an absolute free internet radio station so that you can tune in any live channel whenever you are unoccupied. You can choose to be an anonymity listener or sign up for an account and then earn cash or prize with your listening points.

Have you ever had an idea to set up your own radio station with customized songs playlist? Just sign up on Hitsradio and then you can enjoy personalized radio station or share it on your social network blog.

To start to listen to Hitsradio radio, type the keywords of artist's names in the search box or open listed channels including today's hits, Country, Holiday music, Hip hop/RNB, etc and stream it on flash player or Windows Media Player.

Note: While you are tuning in radio on this site, you may come across fantastic songs. Then how to save online music from Hitsradio? You only need to download Streaming Audio Recorder.

2 SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast, a streaming media service, hosts more than 50,000 radio channels that cover almost every genre of topic. Featured radio stations like Christmas Power, ESPN, Gleek Radio, NPR News, and so on are shared on Most of the digital audio content is published as AAC, MP3 formats and with 24-128 bitrates.

There is no problem for you to listen to SHOUTcast on web-player, on iPhone Applications, Android 1.1 or Winamp.

Since Christmas has 4 days away, why not download Christmas sound from SHOUTcast station right now by a desktop audio recorder?

3 KABC-AM 790

KABC-AM 790, which means K American Broadcasting Company, has its own slogan - "Talkradio with Passion". It initiated talk radio since April 14, 1925 and still follows this way to make programs.

A lot of famous experts like Michael Jackson, David Viscott, Dennis Prager? Larry Elder, etc join KABC (AM) to discuss weather, sports, politics, news, great events and common interests. These polemicist's persuasive talk shows have great impact on celebrities, scholars and others in different areas.

4 VOA (Voice of America)

Voice of America, a trusted and official international broadcaster, belongs to Federal government of the United States. Voice of America provides 1,500 hours accurate and objective news for 123 million audiences over the world in 44 languages every week.

You will quickly know what happens in USA, Africa, America, Middle East, Korea and the latest news about education, religion, environment, science and technology while browsing on this site.

Those hot radio or TV programs are available to download onto your computer hard disk in mp3 files or broadcast on Windows Medias. If you are poor in English, you may listen to the latest stories or watch videos on Special English channel to expand your vocabulary and enhance the kills of reading, speaking.

5 Streamfinder

Another live internet radio station- streamfinder owns 11,000 streaming stations and contains latest radios, music in every special topic. You can search a desired radio program by typing an artist's name, genre, and some keywords on the top of its interface, then streamfinder will present you a series of radio stations with related themes.

The small icons of listen, play, real player, windows media, AAC or MP3, right below the internet radio tell you how you can broadcast it.

Please notice: While you are tuning in streamfinder, you can use this online radio ripper to save any audio track as MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.

Overview of the above 5 live internet radio stations

We can't say which live internet radio station is the best, as each of them has its own merits and listeners will be satisfied with it if it is the right type for them. What's about your favorite radio station? Please write down its name or information if you have other good suggestion.

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