Auto Names

Using automatic recording modes, you simply can not enter the file name for a new audio recording. Conventional recorders will just overwrite the previous record, so we added the Auto-names feature. It can be used in conjunction with the Scheduler, VOX, Splitter, and even with manual recording.

How can I create a unique file name, which will not recur? To do this, we offer two options:

  • Use continuous numbering. (file001.mp3, file002.mp3, file003.mp3, e.t.c.)
  • Use the current time and date (20-Jan-2001@23-00.mp3)

You are free to set the template for generating the filename and the program automatically checks it for accuracy to avoid problems at the most inopportune moment. Each template can contain strings and variables to create human-readable name.

Auto-names feature lets have a cup of tea instead of using the keyboard.