Tag Editor

The basic specification for MP3 files contained nothing but the audio and the necessary information to tell a decoder how to play it. However, some years after the MP3 format began to gain popularity, a group of enterprising developers worked out how to take advantage of the format specification to add extra data which would be ignored by the older decoders, but which specially equipped decoders could use to read information about the song, its genre, the recording artist etc. This extra data is known as metadata and is stored in a series of tags using a format called ID3, ID3 being the string used to identify the tags within the file. Newer audio formats, such as Real Audio and Microsoft's WMA have followed this example and their files include support for metadata in the basic specification.

You can add, edit and delete audio tags from your recordings. i-Sound support standard ID3 v2, WMA and OGG Vorbis audio tags. The one and only exception is a WAV files that could not store audio tags inside.

Also you can use our free ID3 Tag Editor for MP3, WMA, APE and OGG tags.