How can I record 8tracks music streaming?

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8tracks downloader

8tracks is handcrafted Internet radio. It offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through an online mix, a short playlist containing at least eight tracks. Listeners are able to search through existing mixes and/or as create their personal mixes.

8tracks uses Amazon Web services as its content delivery network, which makes the streaming quality fast and reliable, even over here in Asia. No lag or loading problems and the site is sprinkled with the perfect amount of Ajax/Javascript for truly elegant execution. I know there are plenty of other music streaming sites that may seem similar. But I've found most of them to be Java-heavy/bloated/clunky and take forever to load and navigate.

Is there any website or safe program that will allow me to download a 8track playlist? Definitely, yes. I have seen video-downloader site, but it said "This site 8tracks is planned but not ready yet. We are already working on it to make it work as soon as possible". So, what about desktop app? Streaming Audio Recorder is the tool for this as it enables you to download music from the radio you're listening. Let's see how to download 8tracks songs with the Streaming Music Recorder.

8tracks downloader
  1. Get 8Tracks downloader

    Download and install recording software from the link above. You can immediately start recording with the default settings, but I advise you to spend a few minutes studying the features of the program.

  2. Start Recording

    Look at the VU-meter, if the recording level is too low or too high, then adjust it using the Volume slider. Go directly to and play the song track that you choose. As soon as playback started click the Record button.

  3. Music is automatically saved and ready for playback

    You can follow how the 8tracks playlist is automatically recorded, separated into individual files and compressed to MP3 in real time. The completed recordings are then displayed in the Recording Browser. You can now play the recordings, edit them or send into another application like iTunes.

In early 2016 stopped offering streaming music outside the United States and Canada

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