The simplest way to Record Music from Gaana for free

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Gaana is the best music discovery, sharing, broadcasting & streaming service from India. It is available across multiple platforms - Android, iOS, Windows Phone. With millions of songs from across the globe in diverse genres, we are providing our users a seamless way to listen to, organize & share their favourite music. Gaana brings in quite an enviable collection of music ranging from Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi,Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali and many more Indian regional languages, apart from the international chartbusters.

Gaana works rather well even on inconsistent broadband connections - free version of the app only supports 64Kbps of bitrate and you'll have to buy the Gaana Plus version to listen to change that to 128Kbps. The premium version is also needed to download songs for offline listening.

Gaana Downloader When you download songs on Gaana app, they are stored on the device but are DRM protected so they are accessible only from Gaana application. You cannot take them out of Gaana app. Normally there are many ways to download data from RTMP protocol and there are several types of software available to do that, but unfortunately the downloads are pretty slow. Direct recording works much better and faster.

Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the best Gaana recording programs, since it will capture the music with 100% original quality. Then you can get a better experience for enjoying the music offline.

  1. Open in your web browser and search your favorite song to record
  2. When you get the song, click on Play button to open it in Gaana player
  3. Start Streaming Audio Recorder
  4. Open Settings window. Then you can set the input source and quality
  5. Back to audio recording window and adjust recording level by moving the slider
  6. Click the Record button to begin recording and play the song to record
  7. When the song finishes, click the Stop button to save the audio to your hard drive

Some people think that music recording is a challenge, but in fact it is not. This article introduced a simple way to download Gaana music. Of course, there are also free or inexpensive methods to enjoy Gaana music offline. The main advantages of Streaming Audio Recorder include not only the ability to record music in high quality, but also the ability to schedule recording by time and days of the week. Feel free to take a download and experience the amazing functions by yourself.

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