What's the best program to convert FLAC to MP3?

Music lovers often kept his collection in a FLAC format. This is really a great way to preserve the original sound quality. Despite the fact that the FLAC format is very popular and is supported by a huge number of equipment, it is not well suited for portable devices. See for yourself - you will not feel the difference in sound quality while on a noisy street. At the same time, the size always matter - music in MP3 format is ten times less space. Do you want to convert the entire collection to MP3? What do you think - how much time do you need? Time? Day? In fact - it is a really slow process.

Why it so slow?

I have a fast modern computer - why conversion requires so much time? In fact, ordinary audio converters can not use all the features of your computer. They use only one core of your quad-core CPU, and the rest are idle. Do not believe me? Open Task Manager and look at the Performance tab of the CPU usage during conversion.

Is there a way to speed up this?

YES! One day we are faced with a similar problem, and looked for way to speed up our FLAC to MP3 Converter. By themselves codecs do not support multi-core processors, so we decided to split the conversion process into several stages:

  • One CPU core engaged FLAC decoding
  • Second processor core handles uncompressed samples and encodes them into MP3
  • If you have a quad-core processor, the third core is engaged preprocessing uncompressed samples
Looks simple enough, right? Simple, but very effective! On dual-core processor acceleration reaches 48 percent, the quad core CPU is 110 percent. The time of conversion is reduced by more than half while your computer does not slow down.

You can download our multithreaded FLAC to MP3 Converter from our website and make sure themselves in its speed.

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