Manage your Recordings

The main function of i-Sound is an audio recording, but the time of simple tools is gone. These days, no one wants to search for recordings made in Explorer and then listen to them in a separate player. Moreover, there is no point in installing more optional editing and conversion software. Every recorder must provide convenient management of your audio recordings. To do that, i-Sound has a built-in viewer that allows you to quickly find the desired recording by time or by tags. Click the "Open Recording Browser..." button and you will see a new window. Let's take a look at its contents.

The left side of the window is the directory tree. You can easily navigate between folders and view them for audio files. You can work not only with records, but also with other songs from your collection.

The top right side of the window is occupied by a list of your recordings in the current folder. Besides the file name and tags, you can see the duration of the recording and the time when you created it. You can rename a recording, copy it to another folder, email it, or add it to your iTunes library. Of course, you can also drag and drop recordings into other programs with your mouse.

Finally, at the bottom of the window, you'll see a tag editor that supports ID3/APE/FLAC tags. If you need to edit not only the tags but also the audio data, there's a free audio editor add-on. It is installed on demand and allows you to perform basic manipulations. With it you can trim excessive silence or change the volume level.