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5 stars24 January 2020
Классное приложение by ярик

Это очень интересное приложение мне оно очень помогло )

5 stars10 March 2019
This product is GREAT!by Ron McCallion

I have used this product for years. It works great and is worth the price every year. But they don't charge you to upgrade. Buy it - you will love it!

5 stars17 June 2017
Hey, I love your software!by Josh

Hey I love your software, I bought a license and I record my internet radio show with it every night on my other computer, You guys should be proud of your work it is a small yet mighty software which hearing my show when I'm not so tired offers me tremendous pleasure, that license was worth every penny thanks, keep up the good work!

5 stars19 May 2017
Great product for its priceby Bruce

I purchased ISound for Windows 7 and it is a great product which enables seamless recording of “What-You-Hear”, which has been disabled on all Windows 7 PC platforms. Not only does it live-up to all its advertised features, great tech-support is also available and efficient - a mistake I made during installation was solved by their support personnel within 24 hours! My advice, purchase the product!

5 stars03 March 2017
It's fantasticby Roy Hight

This program has been fantastic. I have recorded several complex sound tracks broadcast over the internet and they have come out very well.

5 stars02 January 2017
I use it every dayby Gavin, Sydney, Australia

I-Sound recorder for Windows 7 is a perfect application for our Church Sound and Multimedia operators to record the service. The initial setup is very easy and logical to do and only done once. After that, all the operator has to do is press the "record" button and leave it - it quietly works in the background without interfering with the other applications running. At the end of the service we have an .mp3 audio file that has been automatically named and date/time stamped - brilliant! A great sound recorder and highly recommended.

4 stars14 August 2016
Nice alternative to Audacityby Leigham

I have used Audacity to capture audio from Internet on my old computer with Windows XP, but it doesn't work in Windows 7. i-Sound works perfectly and lets me capture Youtube stream even on default settings.

5 stars07 March 2016
Thank you for great productby Jason

I thank you for what seems to be the only recorder software that incorporates the "Stereo Mix" in it. It took me days to realize that Win7 had me jumping through hoops because it required me to search through my sound system to look for that "Stereo Mix" that I later found out has been eliminated from Win7 computers.

4 stars12 December 2015
Great, but not freeby William

I have used probably over a dozen recorder programs, all purchased , no freebies, over the years. The simplistic approach, no frills program, no bells and whistles, just a skin change if you desire, and it works every time you turn it on to record. The recording (in stereo) is perfect. Yours is a program I'm hanging on to for a while! thanks again.

4 stars11 November 2015
It's worked as advertisedby Bruce

For two years, I have owned a Vista and now Windows 7 laptop and I could not find a MP3 recording program that worked. I tried at least 6 or 8 different programs. iSound for Windows 7 works perfectly. I think you should have great success with this software!

5 stars21 August 2014
Thanks!by Jenny

Thanks for a product that solves the Vista/7 recording limitation! I was at a loss when I found that my new laptop with a Conexant sound card/driver had no 'Stereo mix' option for recording internal sound.

5 stars11 January 2013
Keep up the good workby Gordon

I have been registered for years with your i sound recorder and its been great. I am now using the i sound recorder for windows 7 and its better that ever. Thanks! and keep up the good work.

5 stars10 September 2012
Super tool!by Boris

I tried it quickly and it's absolutely a super tool. When I opened it I could record the music that was playing in windows media center with only one button click, so it is very user friendly also.

5 stars11 June 2011
It's very helpfulby Beatrice

I just found out that my new Sony laptop has no "Stereo Mix" option as a recording device. My previous XP laptop had no such problem. I'm a musician and I can't live without my "Stereo mix" device! You guys saved my life! i-Sound 7 works perfectly and I recommend it to everyone.