Handy way to Record Audio on Windows 10

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Audio Recording

Microsoft is actively promoting the Windows 10 and offers a free upgrade from older versions, but many people are afraid of the problems associated with the sound recording.

What are the main changes associated with sound recording on Windows 10?

  • Improved audio stack performance, audio latency decreased to 15 ms
  • WASAPI enhancements, further development of a new audio API
  • New audio codecs, native support for AAC, FLAC, ALAC

Sounds great, isn't it? However, Windows 10 brings with it its own share of problems, issues and bugs. Several are reporting sound and audio problems like - Windows 10 sound is not working properly or unable to hear anything from their speakers.

If you face issues with your audio on Windows 10

  • Try built-in Recording Audio Troubleshooter
  • Update audio driver
  • Disable Audio Enhancements

What application can smoothly record Windows 10 audio

Our sound recorder was developed for Windows 7, but the latest version can use all the new features of Windows 10 without limits. It allows you to record sound without stuttering, even on a very slow PC. Internal processing is performed in 32-bit format, which guarantees high-quality recording.

What's even more interesting for this program is that i-Sound is packed with valuable features such as audio editor, ID3 tag editor, skinned user interface and real-time compression to the most popular audio formats.

Download Windows 10 Audio Recorder

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