Hot Keys

Various types of keyboard shortcuts are available in i-Sound. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly perform many common tasks. The following table provides an overview of the tasks you can perform using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Ctrl-Alt-R - Start Recording from sound card
  • Ctrl-Alt-P - Playback recordings
  • Ctrl-Alt-U - Make an Pause
  • Ctrl-Alt-S - Stop recording/playback
  • Ctrl-Alt-O - Open Settings Window
  • Ctrl-Alt-F - Open Recordings Browser
  • F1 - Show Help File

Keep in mind that these are global hotkeys and they will always work even if you are playing a game at full screen. This is done deliberately so that you can record game sounds without switching tasks. On the other hand, this may create some inconvenience. For example, there may be a conflict between the same hotkeys in different programs. In this case, you can disable the hotkeys in the recorder settings.