How to record iTunes radio

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Record iTines Radio

iTunes is a media player computer program, used for playing, downloading, saving, and organizing digital music and video files on desktop or laptop personal computers. Apple created its own Internet radio service for use with iTunes in 2001. With thousands of streaming music channels on tap, there's enough choice to cater for practically any taste. In order to create a list of your favorite radio stations, you first need to create a blank playlist in iTunes. To start adding radio stations to your blank playlist, click on the Radio menu item. Double-click a radio station to begin listening to it and drag and drop it to your playlist if you like it.

i-Sound Recorder

iTunes currently doesn't support recording from Internet Radio streams. We all know that Internet radio is streamed to the listeners and one of the most convenient programs to rip iTunes radio is a iTunes Radio Recorder. This is a fairly convenient way to capture online radio stations, allowing you to listen to the radio offline, just the way you like it.

After installing the iTunes recorder, you can make some changes to the default settings. Open the recorder settings and select the output folder to save radio programs and select the audio format. Most likely, you will use the MP3 format for portable devices due to compatibility considerations.

Another good idea would be to activate the VOX system, allowing you to split songs into separate files. Indeed, who needs one huge audio file containing everything, including advertising? To do this, select the option "Stop recording and create a new track." The option "Delete files shorter (seconds)" will remove ad inserts automatically. A pleasant surprise for you will be the "AutoTagger" add-on, which recognizes songs and adds tags.

Start iTunes, open playlist with your favourite radio stations and start playback. Did you see movement on spectrum display of iTunes recorder? Congratulations, you are ready to record!

After you complete all the initial settings, the software you installed will begin recording the radio program. You can record the show, sitting at your PC or automatically. Automatic recording requires the creation of a recording schedule in the software.

Performing these simple steps will certainly help you get a smooth and high-quality recording of your favorite programs on other radio stations, such as Sirius Radio and BBC Radio.

Cool, right? Why not try to record program from iTunes radio right now? With iTunes Radio Recorder, you can get what you hear.

It is strongly recommended to disable system sounds, close any instant messengers, email clients or any programs that can play a sound that you do not want to record.

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